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Understand Privilege

Episode Summary

Welcome to the first episode of Season Two of Diversity Ever After: A Baker Donelson D&I Podcast. In this season, we will discuss “Privilege.” In this first episode, our hosts and special guest define privilege, explain how the conversation surrounding privilege originated, discuss the often “defensive” immediate reaction individuals have when discussing privilege, especially white privilege, and raise awareness on the various kinds of privilege. We also explore some concepts from Peggy McIntosh’s paper titled, “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” and her personal account of the privilege she has observed and benefitted from in America, which has been widely referenced when addressing white privilege in America.

Episode Notes

Welcome to Season Two of Diversity Ever After: A Baker Donelson D&I Podcast.  In this season, we will discuss “Privilege.”  The initial response of many when someone says privilege might be white privilege, but during this season we will explore various kinds of privileges.  We will uncover how many of us are likely benefitting from privilege by discussing how to recognize our own privilege.  We will also discuss how we can use our privilege to help those who do not benefit from the same privilege we might benefit from. 

In this first episode of season two, Brenda Gadd, Founder and President of Rethink Public Strategies, joins our hosts to define privilege, highlight various kinds of privilege, and discuss the history of privilege including the need to risk losing our privilege for the benefit of others. We invite you to stay in touch and in tuned with this season as we explore privilege throughout our episodes this season.

We release a new episode every other Friday. Look for our next episode on Friday, December 3.

Our Hosts this Week:

Nakimuli Davis-Primer, Shareholder

Mary Wu Tullis, Shareholder

Brian Fernandez, Associate 

Special Guest Host:

Brenda Gadd, Founder and President of Rethink Public Strategies

Resource Guide:

For a handout with definitions of privilege: 

For Peggy McIntosh’s Paper, White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack: